Looking forward to our second matinee show at Willikers! It’s “Another One” for the day drinkers!

We had a full house and a great time the same weekend last year. This time I have a couple of special guests performing with me.

Proceeds go to the Worcester County Food Bank. Also, you can win a ride in “Dolly’s Trolley.” Hope to see you there!



“Subject To Change is a unique, entertaining and thoughtful - “sorta-biographical” look at growing up and older through songs and the stories/monologues that go with them. Check out the “About” page on this site for a full overview of the show and click on the “Video” page for some clips.

You can listen to recordings of my albums on the “Music” page and they are available on iTunes and Spotify.

Lastly – check out my “Tom’s Thoughts” blog page where I’ll post… thoughts… when the spirit moves me.




Enjoy A Great Night Out!


"Subject To Change" is a one of a kind - one man show written and performed by singer/songwriter Tom Potosnak that takes a unique, humorous, and thoughtful look at growing up and growing older through Tom's songs, stories and monologues. There also a couple of cover songs that fit into the show that you are sure to know and love.

The show touches on universal themes all grown-ups can relate to  including childhood memories, relationships, parenthood, careers, aging, loss, and life as part of our modern day social media culture (for better or worse).  Audiences have enjoyed the show immensely as Tom's ability to seamlessly weave his stories and songs together in an entertaining and thoughtful way makes for a very unique and enjoyable experience! 

If you are interested in booking "Subject To Change" please go to the Contact page on this site and provide your contact information. Whether it's at a club or for a fund raising, corporate, or private event (such as a landmark birthday, anniversary or reunion) "Subject To Change" appeals to adults of all ages!

Like his inspiration - the late singer/songwriter Harry Chapin - Tom donates half of each shows proceeds to charity.


"VACATION" (monologue)


"OLDEN DAYS" (song)


"JESSIE'S TROPHY"  (monologue)


"TWO WEEKS" (song)


Tom's Thoughts

Featured Song